Ridout Pentateuch Commentary

July 7, 2017

This Brethren Commentary by Ridout Pentateuch Commentary is a classic Brethren work.

Table of Contents

Part 1.

General View

Chapter 1. — Introductory

The Pentateuch as Introductory to the Scriptures as a Whole

1. Doctrinally

2. Structurally

The Pentateuch as Introductory to the Entire Old Testament

The Pentateuch as Introductory to the Historical Books

Chapter 2. — The Value and Significance of Numbers

1. In relation to the Godhead

2. In relation to man

Chapter 3. — Preliminary Questions

The Authorship of the Pentateuch

The Inspiration of the Pentateuch

The Object of the Pentateuch

The Method of the Pentateuch

Part 2.

The Books in Detail

Chapter 1. Genesis

Chapter 2. Exodus

Chapter 3. Leviticus

Chapter 4. Numbers

Chapter 5. Deuteronomy

Part 3.

Literature on the Pentateuch

Works on the Pentateuch as a Whole

Separate Works upon Single Books of the Pentateuch

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