Allen – Commentary on Matthew
Uncategorized/ April 28, 2017

This Commentary on Matthew is recommended in various quarters, because it has good linguistic and textual resources, as well as including historical, archaeological, theological, and other viewpoints.

Law Henry-Gospel in Leviticus
Uncategorized/ December 24, 2016

The Gospel in LEVITICUS by Henry Law The Burnt Offering The Grain Offering The Peace Offering The Sin Offering The Guilt Offering The Accepted Offering The Strange Fire Holiness Clean and Unclean The Childbirth The Plague of Leprosy The Cleansing of the Leper The Scapegoat Holy Blood The Sabbath The Sheaf of the First Fruits The Drink Offering The Feast of Pentecost The Feast of Trumpets The Feast of Tabernacles The Jubilee The Kinsman The Blessing and the Curse The Summary

Lange Commentary
Uncategorized/ December 6, 2016

Lange Commentary Johann Peter Lange (1802-1884) was a professor in Zürich, professor of evangelical theology in the University of Bonn, and a prolific author. Lange began this commentary series in 1857.

Hocking, W.J.-Studies in the Book of Ruth
Uncategorized/ December 4, 2016

Studies in the Book of Ruth by W.J. Hocking Introductory Part A. — Bethlehem forsaken for Moab Part B. — Back to Bethlehem Part C. — Ruth the Stranger in the Fields of Boaz Part D. — Ruth the Suppliant at the Feet of Boaz Part E. — Boaz becomes the Kinsman-Redeemer Part F. — Joy for Naomi and Fame for Boaz Part G. — A Typical Outline of Israel’s Final Restoration Part H. — Ruth as a Vessel of Divine Mercy