Abbott, T.K. – Ephesians Colossians Commentary

February 14, 2017

Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Ephesians and Colossians

abbott-Ephesians Colossians CommentaryEphesians Colossians Commentary
Formerly Professor of Biblical Greek, Now of Hebrew, Trinity College, Dublin

This is a technical Ephesians Colossians Commentary by a college professor of Greek and Hebrew, so it is very good. He has tried to get at the real meaning of the text, so his comments and commentary references are very good.

About Thomas Kingsmill Abbott

Thomas Kingsmill Abbott (1929-1913): A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, where he would later teach for thirty years. There, he was both a Senior Fellow and a Professor of Biblical Greek and Hebrew. Abbott wrote many books on religious and scientific matters.

1909 – copyright date

Ephesians Colossians Commentary

The Commentaries which have been regularly consulted are those of Chrysostom and Theodore of Mopsuestia, amongst the ancients; and amongst the moderns, Alford, Barry, De Wette, Eadie, Ellicott, Meyer (W. Schmidt), Moule, von Soden, and the Speaker’s; also for Ephesians, Harless, Stier, and Macpherson; and for Colossians, Lightfoot The Commentary of von Soden, though concise, is very acute and independent. Mr. Moule’s also, although bearing a modest title, is of great value. Other writers have been occasionally consulted. Much use has been made of Fritzsche’s occasional notes in his various commentaries, especially in connexion with the illustration. of the language of the Epistles from classical and late Greek authors. Wetstein, of course, has not been overlooked.

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