Leighton Practical Commentary Robert Leighton (1611 – 25 June 1684) was a Scottish pastor and moderate puritan. He served as the Bishop of Dunblane, Archbishop of Glasgow, and Principal of the University of Edinburgh. 

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This is a technical Ephesians Colossians Commentary by a college professor of Greek and Hebrew, so it is very good. He has tried to get at the real meaning of the text, so his comments and commentary references are very good.

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An anglican commentary on John's epistles.

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Law Henry-Gospel in Exodus
Old Testament/ December 17, 2016

The Gospel in EXODUS by Henry Law, 1855 The Burning Bush ‘I Am That I Am’ The Passover Redemption The Pillar The Red Sea Marah The Healer Manna The Smitten Rock Prevailing Intercession The Banner Mount Sinai The Willing Servant The Ark of the Covenant The Table of the Bread of the Presence The Golden Lampstand The Tabernacle The Bronze Altar The Priest The Holy Garments The Incense Altar The Washbasin The Name This module...

Nicoll – Expositor’s Greek Testament (5 vols)
Greek Analysis , Recommended/ December 13, 2016

Nicoll - Expositor's Greek Testament commentary includes substantial introductions to each New Testament book. Nearly every (Greek) word in the New Testament contains grammatical, critical, exegetical, literary, and/or contextual analysis. The commentary is carefully cited with an extensive bibliography. The scholar, pastor, and serious Bible student can benefit from the Greek analysis.

Bunyan, John-An Exposition on Genesis
Puritan/ December 10, 2016

An Exposition on the First Ten Chapters O F G E N E S I S And Part of the Eleventh By J O H N. B U N Y A N 1628-1688 First published in 1691, by Charles Doe. An unfinished commentary on the Bible, found among John Bunyan’s papers after his death, in his own handwriting.

Lange Commentary
Uncategorized/ December 6, 2016

Lange Commentary Johann Peter Lange (1802-1884) was a professor in Zürich, professor of evangelical theology in the University of Bonn, and a prolific author. Lange began this commentary series in 1857.

Hocking, W.J.-Studies in the Book of Ruth
Uncategorized/ December 4, 2016

Studies in the Book of Ruth by W.J. Hocking Introductory Part A. — Bethlehem forsaken for Moab Part B. — Back to Bethlehem Part C. — Ruth the Stranger in the Fields of Boaz Part D. — Ruth the Suppliant at the Feet of Boaz Part E. — Boaz becomes the Kinsman-Redeemer Part F. — Joy for Naomi and Fame for Boaz Part G. — A Typical Outline of Israel’s Final Restoration Part H. — Ruth as a Vessel of Divine Mercy

Darby Synopsis of the Bible
Brethren/ December 1, 2016

The object of the book is to help a Christian, desirous of reading the word of God with profit, in seizing the scope and connection of that which it contains. Originally written in French, John Darby’s Synopsis provides an excellent summary and overview of each chapter of the New Testament.